Care Plan Overview


During the trial period, the resident, our staff, the resident's doctor and relatives (or representatives) are all given the opportunity to contribute to an agreed care plan. This outlines what the particular needs and wishes of the resident are and establishes the appropriate level of service required.

It is a dynamic document which always reflects the changing circumstances of the resident. A member of staff will be made the resident's key worker, and they will be responsible for monitoring the care plan. Regular reviews are conducted by the senior residential care workers to validate the process.


We provide in house training on issues such as:

- The care code of conduct

- Resident confidentiality

- Resident's rights

- Health and Safety

- Food Hygiene and Safety


We are proud to pledge to provide the above within the structure of a dedicated care plan. When you entrust a loved one to our care, you need to feel confident that we are committed to providing them with the highest level of professional support. We understand the concerns you face in choosing a residential home and are dedicated to providing our residents with an enjoyable stay that is tailored to their evolving individual needs. Every care plan we put together is tailored to meet the individual needs of the resident and includes input from the resident, doctors, relatives or representatives. The plan looks at a resident’s social and cultural preferences, as well as their therapeutic and medical needs. 

New! Rushymead is now able to offer day care at attractive rates between the hours of 9am and 8pm so that residents can be left in our care on a daily basis. Refreshments and lunch/supper, if required, will be provided. 

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